Which wheel type?

Which wheel type?

January 15, 2017 Pre-sales

Choosing which wheel type is important. Front wheel is generally recommended for low power eBike conversion kits as it is easiest to install. For higher power, or if your forks are too narrow to fit a motor then go for rear wheel. Please also read our blog about wheel sizes here.

Front Wheel


Front wheel is best for low power (road legal conversions). The motor is quick and easy to fit into the front forks, and you get a 2-wheel drive electric bike. Your feet drive the rear wheel, and the motor drives the front wheel!

If you have particularly narrow forks, or you want higher power, then we recommend rear wheel.

  • Popular for low power kits
  • Not suitable for narrow forks.

Rear Wheel


Rear wheel is better for high power kits, or if you want extra traction for hill climbing.

The disadvantage of rear-wheel is you need to fit the gears to the motor. First, work out do you have a freewheel or cassette gear fitting. Read this website to help you work it out:

Then, when you receive the motor you will have to follow our instructional videos and us appropriate tools to remove the gears from your old wheel and transfer onto the new wheel. OR – you can just buy a new gearset to match the wheel.

  • Smaller option
  • Recommended for twist grip shifters

<h4>Multi-angle option</h4>
The normal torque arms (universal and eyelet) have a fixed axle head, which restricts the options for mounting it.

If you have an unusual bicycle fork or rear dropouts then you might prefer the multi-angle option that allows you to mount the axle head at any angle, making it easier to locate the arm section.

The multi-angle option is available for both universal and eyelet style.

torque arm photo
torque arm photo