Which torque arm?

Which torque arm?

January 15, 2017 Pre-sales

There are a number of torque arm options available to cater for any ebike conversion. Eyelet style is recommended if you have M5 eyelets on your forks or dropouts, if not, then Universal style is better (suitable for any scenario). If you have a complex conversion we recommend the multi-angle upgrade.

Universal Torque Arm

The Universal torque arm works for more or less any bicycle type. The axle head fits over the motor axle, and then the arm section screws into it, and reaches to the nearest position on the bicycle (e.g. the bicycle forks) where the clamp is tightened.

It is important to tighten the clamp fully to ensure that all of the torque is transferred through the arm and that there is no flexibility.

The only disadvantage of this option is if no protective rubber or other padding is used, the hose clamp can scratch the frame. Also it is less neat than the eyelet style arm because of the extra part (the clamp).

  • Universal, fits any bicycle type
  • Less neat and discreet than eyelet option
torque arm photo
TorqArm D3B
ebike accessory picture
Example use of eyelet style torque arm on a rear ebike motor

Eyelet style


The eyelet style torque arm is preferable if you have the M5 eyelet fixtures on your forks or frame normally used to affix mudguards.

The axle head fits over the axle the same as universal style, and the arm section is then screwed into the M5 eyelet with the M5 bolt provided.

If you have the suitable fixtures, we recommend eyelet style.

  • Smaller option
  • Recommended for twist grip shifters

Multi-angle option

The normal torque arms (universal and eyelet) have a fixed axle head, which restricts the options for mounting it.

If you have an unusual bicycle fork or rear dropouts then you might prefer the multi-angle option that allows you to mount the axle head at any angle, making it easier to locate the arm section.

The multi-angle option is available for both universal and eyelet style.

torque arm photo
torque arm photo