Thumb throttle v.s. half twist

Thumb throttle v.s. half twist

January 18, 2017 Pre-sales

Throttles are great for use off-road as they allow you to push the eBike to maximum power at the flick of a button, allowing for instantaneous acceleration. There are two types, the half-twist throttle is the most popular and works like a standard throttle. The thumb twist throttle is smaller and preferable if you have limited space on the handlebars.

Half-twist throttle

The half twist throttle works like a regular throttle (e.g. on a motorbike).

Simply slide it onto the handlebars, tighten, and then twist with your hand to provide gradiated acceleration (the amount of acceleration depends on how far you twist it).

It takes up roughly 5cm of space on the handlebars so it is not suitable if you already have twist grip gear shifters because it is hard to fit both on.

  • Most popular throttle type
  • Not recommended for use with twist grip gears

Thumb twist

If you have twist grip gear shifters the thumb twist throttle is preferable

It fits alongside the twist grip shifters (or normal shifters) taking up a very small amount of space. A small lever protrudes that you can press with your thumb to activate the throttle.

  • Smaller option
  • Recommended for twist grip shifters