Multi-Angle Universal TORQ Arm for electric bicycle ebike conversion


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Universal TORQ ARM for eBikes

Required for all eBike motor conversions to ensure the motor is securely held in the frame.

These torque arms are compatible with most front wheel and rear wheel electric kits. They have a multi angle inner axle head allowing you to fit at any angle, making them easier to fit to unusual frame types.

The steel pieces are laser cut from thick stainless steel, and each torque arm set can handle up to 750W of motor power. Take advantage of our multiple item discount though and go for a pair for complete peace of mind.

The TORQ Universal Torque Arm comprises three components: First, the “axle head” fits snugly over the wheel axle. Then, the “arm” is connected to the head via a standard screw and bolt, and this extends up to the bike forks. Both of these pieces are made from high-quality, thick carbon steel. The “arm” is fixed to the forks with the third and final piece, a hose clamp which is tightened to stop dead any rotation of the wheel axle.

Take advantage of the MULTI ANGLE axle head to fit the torque arm at any angle allowing you to fit easily to any frame type.

Watch our instruction video:

Technical Specifications

MaterialStainless steel
FunctionTorque arm to secure motor in place
Compatibiliyt notes12-14mm axles with 10mm flats.

Frequently Asked Questions

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