Panda-1000 PRO Electric Bike Kit: 48V 1000W BLACK Motor, LCD Screen 26″/28″


*** New system to 2017, Silent Waterproof Lishui Controller

The PANDA-1000 PRO includes everything needed (except battery) to convert your standard bike into a high performance eBike with the equivalent spec to a brand new eBike worth  £1,500 or more! With the PANDA-1000 brush-less motor and our PRO control system you will get unrivaled speed, acceleration and reliability.

The package includes a high torque brush-less motor, LCD display, efficient controller and all the accessories required to convert your eBike. It also comes with our full support and tutorial videos to assist you in fitting it easily yourself


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Panda-1000 PRO Electric Bike Kit: 48V 1000W

eBike kit including motor, controller, screen, cabling and accessories. Simply combine with a compatible battery and you’ll have everything you need to convert your bicycle into an eBike.


Panda PRO System

Get serious with your eBike build with the advanced Panda PRO control system.

Off-road performance

Overcome any obstacle with this premium, high powered kit. Designed for maximum performance off-road.


This system is de-restricted for off-road use. Cruise without limits and enjoy the freedom of unconstrained power.

Easy-fit cabling

The PRO system comes with military spec waterproof cabling with colour coded easy-fit connectors.

Panda-1000 Motor

High torque 1000W direct drive brushless motor, disc brake compatible.

Advanced LCD Screen

Live trip info displayed on our beautiful PRO LCD screen. Can also be used to configure all of the controller settings.

Quality components

Made entirely with PANDA components covered by our 1 year service and replacement Warranty and 3-year guarantee.

PANDA Support

We provide full support to help you fit the kit yourself, you can rely on PANDA to get your wheels on the road.
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Watch our instruction video:

Panda-1000 Hub Motor

1000W Direct Drive Motor

Black PANDA-1000 Hub motor. Made with rare earth magnets for maximum torque. Disc brake compatible.


Upgraded Cables

Fully Waterproof Cable

Military grade waterproof PANDA branded cables. Motor cable = 180cm. Cable harness = 120cm.


1000W PRO Controller

Efficient 1000W Controller

1000W Kunteng Controller, 12 MOSFETS, 14A Rated Current, upgraded PRO wiring.

LCD Display

Advanced LCD display

View speed, distance, trip time, battery and assist level. Configure controller parameters e.g. top speed.

Easy-Fit PAS

Easy-fit Pedal Sensor

Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) with innovative 2-piece magnet disc to allow you to fit it without needing to remove the pedal arms.

brake levers

Electrical Cut-off Brakes

Electrical cut-off brakes

Replacement brake levers with electrical cutoff function. Brake sensors also available (see ``Brakes`` section of our store).

Controller box

Waterproof container

Waterproof plastic container to house the controller. Designed with an adaptive bracket to fit to the bicycle frame.

PANDA Support

Every step of the way

All our kits come with support from PANDA to ensure you get up and running

Recommended Extras

Recommended to safely install the motor wheel
Off road use only - full twist or thumb lever options available.
Try one of our two types of brake senors that adapt onto your existing brakes.

Don’t forget to choose a battery:

Our most popular and easy-to-fit battery type
The stylish option with rear pannier rack & built in rear light

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit?
Advice on ensuring your kit will fit
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What is my wheel size?
Advice on how to check your wheel size before you buy.
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Top speed
Full run-down on top speed and max RPM.
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How much range will I get?
Range depends on more than battery capacity...
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Do I need a torque arm?
Full explanation about torque arms and why you need one.
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Visit our FAQ page

Voltage 48
Power 1000W
Top Speed UNRESTRICTED: Motor max RPM at 48V corresponds to 40-45kph
Range Approx 30-50km when combined with a PANDA battery. Capacity of 10Ah = 30 km range, capcity of 16Ah = 50km range.
Total Weight 5kg
Model Panda PRO control system , Panda-1000 motor
Battery Not included – compatible with any 48V 1000W battery (must have 30A max discharge)
Motor Panda-1000 direct drive, brushless 3 phase hub motor (KUAKE OEM), disc brake and v-brake compatible.
Display Panda PRO LCD
PAS Kunteng PAS D12
Wiring JINGLI waterproof cables and connectors
Brakes V Brakes from Wuxing | Brake sensors from MINGSHENG
Throttle Not included – select a compatible throttle for the PRO system from “Extras” section in store.
Mechanical Specification
Wheel size (rim diameters) 26″ 650C = 572mm, 28″/700C/29er = 633mm
Motor dimensions See motor diagram below
Controller dimensions 175x85x40mm
Motor weight 4kg
Brake compatibility V-brake or disc brake compatible motor.
Gearing None
Magnets Rare earth metal NdFeB magnets (the best)
Spokes 36x 16g heavy duty eBike spokes (silver)
Rim Power RIM double walled eBike wheel rim (black)
Package size 80x65x30 cm double walled cardboard container
Controller Specs
Summary Lishui WATERPROOF 48V 1000W 12MOSFET controller
Max Voltage 60V
Min (cutoff) voltage 40V
Max current 28
Rated Current 14
Control type Hall sensors, square wave
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