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36V 10Ah Panda PAK battery


36V 10Ah Panda PAK box battery for eBikes.
Suitable for 250W-500W power, max current 20A.
Compatible with all 36V PANDA kits.
Fits easily with any eBike conversion – just contain within a suitable waterproof bag

Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 8cm
Weight: 2.5kg

36v 10Ah Panda PAK battery

Lithium ion battery for eBikes. Made with high quality cells and BMS. Lightweight indestructible battery box can be put anywhere!.


ECO Compatible

Compatible with 36V PANDA ECO systems

High power

Equipped with  a battery management system that can handle up to 500W

PRO Compatible

Compatible with 36V PANDA PRO systems

Quality assured

Our PANDA batteries are covered by our 1 year service and replacement Warranty.
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Brand new groundbreaking product to bring down the cost of eBike conversions
Be one of the first in the UK to get the new Panda PAK. High quality British engineering bringing down the cost of eBike batteries. This product is all of what you want (quality cells and BMS) and none of what you don’t (expensive casing, switches, lights etc. all of which can be break)
The Panda PAK is affordable, lightweight (2.5kg) and virtually indestructible!
This lightweight battery box contains 40x high quality Li-Ion cells 2500mAh with 1 year warranty, 3-4 years expected lifetime, and total capacity 10Ah 36V 360Wh – approx 50 miles range with a good quality eBike.
The battery should be contained within a pannier bag, top tube bag, triangle bag, or battery cavity in your bike. Then just connect the output cable up to your eBike controller and get going! Charger included – happy eBike building or refurbishing!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much range will I get?
Range depends on more than battery capacity...
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Battery Specs
Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4 Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 36V
Charged Battery Voltage 42V
Battery Capacity 10Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 360Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec Samsung ICR18650-26F 2600mAh
Cell Configuration 10S 5P
BMS 30A built-in BMS
Other Features Lock feature with 2x keys
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1000
Battery Charger Type 36V 2A Charger


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