eBike Law

The Law Governing Electric Bikes in the UK

The basic facts of eBike law in the UK

  • You don’t need a licence to drive an electric bicycle.

  • You don’t need to pay tax to own an eBike.

  • The motor should not be used to propel the bike at over 15mph when on roads.

  • Electric bicycles motor should not exceed a maximum motor power of 250W (EU) or 200W (UK), and 250W for tandems or tricycles (UK).

  • New to 2016 – eBikes are no longer permitted with throttles. Users of our kits should fit throttles for off-road usage at their own discretion.
  • As the eBike builder, the legality of the completed conversion is your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for the use on-roads of a bike that has used non-legal components.


Beware of rogue sellers claiming that conversion kits with powerful 500W motors capable of more than 15mph are road legal because they can be “restricted”. If a motor is capable of more than 15mph, and the power is more than 500W, then it is not road legal – unless it has been set to perform only at 250W and 15mph at the factory and cannot be de-restricted without returnign to the factory.

Stay safe! And look out for our road legal, and off-road icons on products descriptions to guide your purchases.
Road Legal ICON
Off-road Icon
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