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Hall sensor control v.s. no-hall – how to tell the difference.

Hall sensor control v.s. no-hall – how to tell the difference.

A very common technical question we get is regarding the difference between hall control and no hall control, when talking about brushless motor controllers for ebikes.

It’s important because you need to choose the right controller for you motor, either a “hall sensor” controller, or a “no hall” controller. If you choose the wrong one it might not work.

We’ll go into some detail in another blog – but first here is a guideline on how to tell the difference between the different types of controller and motor (cable).


Difference between a hall effect controller and a no-hall controller

Hall effect controllers have an extra block of 5 small “hall sensor” wires.

No-hall controllers are the same but don’t have these

How to identify the difference between a hall sensors ebike controller, and a no-hall controller

Difference between a hall effect motor and a no-hall motor

A no-hall motor has just 3 large wires coming out of it

ebike motor cable no hall

they may be inside a black rubber jacket so it might look like just one wire).


A Hall-effect motor has an additional 5 small “hall effect” wires inside.

ebike motor cable hall effect

Note that the type of connector might be different – in the picture above is a hall effect motor cable with loose wires at one end, and compact waterproof wires on the other end with pins to make the connection. It doesn’t matter, there will still be 8 pins if it is hall effect, or 3 pins if it is no-hall.

Speed sensors

Some motors have a 9th wire – the speed sensor. Either way, if the motor has 8 or 9 wires/pins coming out of it on the cable, then it is a hall effect motor.

Quick selection guide

If you have a hall effect motor, you can use either hall effect controller, or no-hall controller. Both will work but the hall-effect controller will be smoother

If you have a no-hall motor (just 3 wires) then you must use a no-hall controller.