Brake levers v.s. brake sensor

Brake levers v.s. brake sensor

January 18, 2017 Pre-sales

Electrical cut-off brakes are an important safety feature on an electric bike. There are two options available, replacement brake levers, or brake sensors that adapt to your existing brake levers. This blog discusses the pros and cons of both.

Brake levers

The brake lever options involves simply replacing your existing brake levers with some new ones, which work exactly the same except they each have a wire coming out that goes to the controller.

Inside the lever there is a sensor that detects when you have pulled them, and then a signal is sent to the controller to shut off the motor.

Brake levers are not recommended if you have combined gear shifter/brake levers on your bike – because you would have to swap for a stand-alone gear shifter to go next to the new brake lever.

  • Simple to fit
  • Not suitable for integrated gear shifters.
ebike brakes
Electric brake levers are not suitable if you have integrated shifters
Electric cut-off brake sensors, Panda ECO ebike kit
Brake sensors are recommended for hydraulic brake systems.

Brake sensors


If you have integrated brake/shifters, or hydraulic brakes, then you can’t remove your existing brake levers.

In that case, we offer brake sensors which adapt onto your existing brakes. They include a magnet sensor which sticks to the brake base, and a magnet which sticks to the lever. When you pull the lever the magnet moves away from the sensor and this cuts off the motor.

  • Suitable for integrated shifters and hydraulic brakes.
  • Slightly more complex installation.