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Regen braking on eBikes – is it worth it?

People often assume that an electric bicycle will have regenerative braking, or that it will charge up as you pedal. Both assumptions are incorrect, and in this blog post we explain to you why.

eBike motors 101

This is a dynamic blog to discuss everything you need to know about eBike motors We will update this post with FAQ comments and discussions To have your question answered, simply login and comment and we will answer in detail any questions that you have. Remember to read our other

Hall sensor control v.s. no-hall – how to tell the difference.

A very common technical question we get is regarding the difference between hall control and no hall control, when talking about brushless motor controllers for ebikes. It’s important because you need to choose the right controller for you motor, either a “hall sensor” controller, or a “no hall” controller. If

What is a brushless motor?

One of the common questions we get, is what is a brushless motor? And customers requiring support to understand whether they have a brushless motor on their bike or not. Almost every eBike these days uses a brushless motor. Old ebike generally have brushed motors. The simple answer The simple answer is

Freewheel or cassette (gear fittings)?

When choosing a rear wheel kit, you need to work out what type of gear fitting you have, there are two types – freewheel, or cassette. You should choose a rear motor that has the matching gear fitting for your gears – we offer both freewheel and cassette fittings on

Do I need a torque arm?

This is a very short blog post, because the answer is YES! you should always use a torque arm for safety. If you don’t there is a risk even with a lower power motor that it will wear away and damage the forks or frame, and eventually the motor can

Top speed

According to UK and EU law, completed eBikes must be limited to 25kph on roads. In line with this, we offer our 250W kits configurable to a 25kph speed limit on request. However it is the eBike builder’s discretion to choose whether they want a legal on-road bike or an

What is a hall sensor and why do electric bike motors need them?

Hall sensors are in most eBike motors, but not all. Ever heard of them and wondered what they are? They are magnetic sensors which help the controller to know what the position the motor is in as it turns, so that it can keep it turning. Read further for some

How do Hall Effect brushless motor controllers work?

Most electric bike motors use hall sensors to determine the motor position and help the controller to drive the motor correctly. This blog gives a simplified explanation as to how this motor control works, and is a follow up to our previous blog about what is a hall sensor and why

Geared v.s. Direct Drive eBike motors

We often get asked  what is the difference between geared motors and direct drive motors? From the outside of a motor, you can’t see much difference between the two, however inside there is a huge difference. Geared motors Geared motors have an epicyclic gearbox inside the motor casing, which has