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Which torque arm?

There are a number of torque arm options available to cater for any ebike conversion. Eyelet style is recommended if you have M5 eyelets on your forks or dropouts, if not, then Universal style is better (suitable for any scenario). If you have a complex conversion we recommend the multi-angle

Freewheel or cassette (gear fittings)?

When choosing a rear wheel kit, you need to work out what type of gear fitting you have, there are two types – freewheel, or cassette. You should choose a rear motor that has the matching gear fitting for your gears – we offer both freewheel and cassette fittings on

LED or LCD display?

Our basic ECO kits come with a simple LED display. We also offer the PANDA PRO system which comes with an LCD display We also offer the LCD03 upgrade which has additional features more advanced than the basic PRO LCD display All of these displays are also available separately to

Thumb throttle v.s. half twist

Throttles are great for use off-road as they allow you to push the eBike to maximum power at the flick of a button, allowing for instantaneous acceleration. There are two types, the half-twist throttle is the most popular and works like a standard throttle. The thumb twist throttle is smaller

eBike motors 101

This is a dynamic blog to discuss everything you need to know about eBike motors We will update this post with FAQ comments and discussions To have your question answered, simply login and comment and we will answer in detail any questions that you have. Remember to read our other

Which wheel type?

Choosing which wheel type is important. Front wheel is generally recommended for low power eBike conversion kits as it is easiest to install. For higher power, or if your forks are too narrow to fit a motor then go for rear wheel. Please also read our blog about wheel sizes

Do I need a torque arm?

This is a very short blog post, because the answer is YES! you should always use a torque arm for safety. If you don’t there is a risk even with a lower power motor that it will wear away and damage the forks or frame, and eventually the motor can

Will it be road legal?

To be road legal, an eBike must have maximum power 250W and top speed 15.5 mph. It should have working pedals, and should not use a throttle. Disclaimer.  This article is not written by a lawyer, and in no way constitutes legal advice. This article is intended only as a

Brake levers v.s. brake sensor

Electrical cut-off brakes are an important safety feature on an electric bike. There are two options available, replacement brake levers, or brake sensors that adapt to your existing brake levers. This blog discusses the pros and cons of both.

Panda ECO or Panda PRO?

The basic electric bike conversion kit we offer at Panda eBikes is the PANDA ECO. We also offer the PANDA PRO which is a slightly upgraded version of this kit, with some enhanced features. The Panda ECO is best for you if you want the basic functionality of an eBike

How much range will I get?

This question is at the forefront of every buyer’s mind when buying an electric bike, or electric bike conversion kit. How far can I go? The short answer to this, is that if you are lazy, don’t pedal, and put the kit on a poor quality bike, then you won’t go